Nepal has held a special place in my heart since my first visit in 1999. My love for this country and its people has only grown through numerous visits to climb, guide, and teach first aid and climbing skills. Guiding on Mount Everest was certainly a life changing and wonderful experience. However, the most rewarding and wonderful part of my experience in Nepal was my marriage to my Sherpani wife in 2013. She has opened my heart and mind to love, human bravery, and the value of family.

It was heartwrenching to learn of the recent earthquake and agonizing to await news from family and friends. Despite significant tragedy within our family, things could have been much worse for them. Many neighbors, friends, and distant relatives were not so lucky and we grieve for their losses.

While my wife and I felt grateful to be safe in Montana, we also had a great sense of helplessness. With this feeling of helplessness, the support of our American friends and family, and the support of the Sentinel Outdoor Institute, we have started this initiative to help our family and friends in Nepal.

SOI’s mission is to provide high quality education, training and support for locals who have limited access to such resources. We have worked in places like Nepal, Tajikistan, Africa, North and South America with a particular emphasis on rural communities.  While we are a US-based organization, working directly with local leaders is paramount to our operations.

We are working with family, friends and coworkers in Nepal to coordinate near, medium and long-term efforts to:
1) Support the Nepalis’ immediate needs (food, water, shelter);
2) Support local rebuilding/recovery efforts; and
3) Support local efforts via education to mitigate the effects of future disasters.

Please help us achieve these goals through your donation to our friends, family, and coworkers in Nepal through your generous support.  Donate via CrowdRise

Peter Anderson

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