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Sentinel Outdoor Institutes’s team members have worked closely alongside local professionals on nearly every continent.  It is from this perspective we recognized the need for continued, high quality education and training for locals around the world, and we developed our mission.  The desire, need and capacity for such training inspires SOI’s enthusiasm and drive for improving safety and education in all outdoor pursuits.  It is with a great sense of responsibility and honor that SOI serves throughout the world through education and training.

Peter Anderson SOI Director


Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson grew up in the mountains of Montana gaining a respect for the power and wonders of the outdoors. From this upbringing, it is no surprise that Peter has pursued numerous careers focused on the outdoors. From mountain guiding in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia to hunting guiding in Africa, Peter has a deep respect for outdoor leaders and stewards. Peter has successfully guided clients to the summit of Mt. Everest. Peter holds a Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing; is a Paramedic; works as a flight nurse on an emergency helicopter; and is a professional ski patroller. Peter holds numerous specialty certifications and instructor credentials enabling him to teach everything from basic first aid and CPR to advanced life support courses. He has been guiding and teaching wilderness medicine training since 2000. His passion for helping guides and enthusiasm for the outdoors is infectious.
Rob Lindner SOI Director


Rob Lindner

Rob Lindner gained an early appreciation for the outdoors that led to dual lives in science and guiding. Splitting time between loves of wildlife and the mountains, he embraced the challenges of being an outdoor leader and was further schooled in the ways of field research, climbing, client care, and wilderness medicine. Both careers provided opportunity to travel to some of the world’s most amazing places and a chance to experience some of its greatest cultures in North America, South America, Africa and Europe. Along the way he earned a BSc in Wildlife Biology, an MSc in Conservation Science, and became a Leave No Trace Trainer and a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician. Rob believes building capacity through efforts like training provides an opportunity to not only improve local skills and safety, but appreciation for natural resources and their conservation… and it provides an excellent reason to continue exploring the world.
Shikuku Ooko SOI Lead Instructor


Shikuku Ooko

Shikuku Ooko grew up in Western Kenya, near the shores of Lake Victoria.  He has continually worked in the outdoors, from agriculture to outdoor leadership.   His subjects have been as diverse as the locations, from East Africa to the USA.  Shikuku brings an extensive history of teaching wilderness travel and risk assessment to SOI, and is a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician.  Currently, his time is devoted to the Janam Peace Building Foundation.  He had started out training members of government and non-government agencies in outdoor skills and leadership to improve collaboration.  However, after the violence that followed the 2007 Kenyan elections, he molded the concept into an internationally respected peace building programme.  Any course Shikuku is involved in is blessed by his experience, vision and wisdom.
Chris Gibisch SOI Lead Instructor


Chris Gibisch

Christopher Gibisch was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois but now calls Missoula, Montana his home. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in forestry, he went on to become a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician and eventually earned an associate degree in Respiratory Therapy. Currently working as an RT in the emergency department and intensive care unit of a regional trauma center hospital, he supplements his professional life as a photographer, shooting published images of landscape, hang gliding, and climbing, and as a professional climber for Wild Things Gear. He spends the majority of his free time flying hang gliders, climbing and generally loving life. Chris’s combined knowledge of medicine, photography, and climbing has taken him on adventures all over North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
John Simon Maeda SOI Lead Instructor


John Simon Maeda

John Simon Maeda grew up on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. He started climbing the mountain as a porter and then trained at the National Outdoor Leadership School, professional tour guiding school, and many others including wildlife, first aid, and LNT courses.
He has since led more than 150 trips to the top of Kilimanjaro, and has also led trips on Zanzibar and safaris in Tanzanian National Parks. In addition to his years as an instructor for SOI, he has been teaching guides, porters and cooks in Tanzania for five years. This has brought a big positive effect on Kilimanjaro.
John also shares his experience, love of the outdoors, and contagious positivity through his guide service, Summit Planet Expeditions.
Adam Nkinde SOI Instructor


Adam Nkinde

Adam Nkinde’s passion for wildlife and the wilderness began from his secondary school days when he was involved in environmental conservation clubs. This led him to study wildlife management at the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, where he graduated with a diploma in 2010. Whilst in college, Adam continued to pursue his love for mountain climbing and became certified as a mountain guide. With his training, Adam embarked on his career in leading and managing wildlife safaris and mountain expeditions up Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. He is certified by Sentinel Outdoor Institute as a Wilderness First Responder and continually hones his skills through his role as an instructor with Sentinel.
Adam now owns and operates Wilderness First Travel, a full-service travel agency based in Arusha, offering customised safari, mountain trekking and beach itineraries across Tanzania. Fluent in Swahili and English, Adam leads by example and continues to build upon the successes of his growing company. He and his team aim to ensure that every client enjoys an exceptional travel experience in Tanzania.
Eric Scranton SOI Lead Instructor


Eric Scranton

Eric Scranton has had an enthusiasm for the mountains and for teaching wilderness medicine since his youth as a Boy Scout. He has woven these interests through many meandering career paths – EMS, instructing in Wilderness Medicine and technical rescue rigging, Mountain Guiding and as a Mountaineering instructor for NOLS. Eric has been involved with mountain rescue in 4 states, and for the recent 14 years has been a Physician Assistant working in Emergency Medicine. His other vocational background includes nearly a decade of making a living as an athlete – racing bicycles in North America and Europe, as well as 6 years of working in Enforcement for the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. Eric can often be found volunteering to educate Ski Patrol, Emergency Department Techs, Nurses, EMS providers and generally anyone who is open to increasing their medical and patient care knowledge and their awareness in helping others.
Eric says that his goal in life is to become a simpleton. From what his friends say – he is making good progress.
Ang Tshering Lama SOI Lead Instructor


Ang Tshering

Ang Tshering Lama is the founder and chief guide of Angs Himalayan Adventures, he climbs and treks throughout the Himalaya and around the world. Ang is also a Lead Climbing Instructor for the Khumbu Climbing Center and has had extensive training in helicopter and technical rescue. He worked as a search and rescue volunteer on Denali in Alaska and Mt. Rainier in Washington, sharing his knowledge with American climbers and rangers. His enthusiasm for environmental stewardship and teaching guiding skills also led him to become a Master Trainer for the High Impact Tourism Training programme. He speaks fluent English, Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, Bangladeshi and Tibetan. Ang spearheaded the coordination of Sentinel’s relief efforts through distribution of supplies and monetary donations after the 2015 Nepal earthquake. His dedication to outdoor leadership, climbing, environmental ethics, and wilderness medicine makes him a role model for other guides around the world. Whether teaching or guiding his relaxed attitude and constant smile are infectious.
Carl Motes-Conners SOI Instructor


Carl Motes-Conners

Carl Motes-Conners has taught a broad range of students, from active-duty military teams looking to hone technical swiftwater expertise for hazardous river crossings while on deployment, to local families excited to develop basic rafting skills for floating mellow rivers on their new boat. In addition to teaching, Carl has owned and managed a commercial whitewater rafting and fly fishing operation in West Glacier, Montana. He developed a comprehensive recreation department for a 5-Star destination resort, including a guide-training curriculum and outdoor guest activities and programs for all four seasons.  Carl earned his B.S. in Recreation Management and Nature-Based Tourism from the University of Montana, and spent college summers guiding on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. Carl is currently certified by Rescue 3 International to instruct technical water and rope rescue courses. He is also certified as an instructor through the International Rafting Federation. As an Emergency Medical Technician, Wilderness First Responder and Licensed Outfitter in the State of Montana, Carl brings expansive and multifaceted experience to his courses.
Carl founded Montana Rescue in order to share his passion for, and his common-sense approach to, safety in the outdoors.
Mike Stief SOI Instructor


Mike Stief

Michael grew up at the confluence of the wide Montana prairie and the wild Beartooth Mountains. Those mountains offered endless opportunities for backcountry rambling and remote adventures. After completing a Wilderness First Responder course in the mid 1990s, Michael continued on to Paramedic. Realizing that he could carve out a vocation in medicine while pursuing his love for the wilderness and outdoors, Michael has spent the last two decades participating in and training others in Search and Rescue, rope rigging, and remote medicine courses while also being employed as a flight medic for Reach Air Medical Services.
Through his participation in medical research projects in Nepal, serving as a remote medic in the jungles of West Africa and providing critical medevac air services to the public, Michael has cultivated a passion and desire for sharing his knowledge of wilderness medicine with others. Working for Sentinel has allowed Michael to share his experiences and give back to a community of people helping others safely and skillfully enjoy their own outdoor experiences.
Some of his other outdoor pursuits include kitesurfing, fishing, traveling, and always exploring, often with his three incredible children.