We are proud to announce that we are again offering scholarships for Tanzania courses this year in conjunction with To Return (www.toreturn.org). If you, or anyone you know, is interested in taking a course, but needs help coming up with funds, we will be offering a number of scholarships from 50-100% off of the full tuition to those who submit thoughtful applications (so please read and answer each question carefully) and are most deserving of financial assistance.

To apply for a scholarship, please email:

1. Your full name as found on any ID you possess;
2. Your contact information (email, address, and phone number);
3. The organization you are affiliated with or work for;
4. What (if any) first aid courses you have taken in the past;
4. What course you would like to attend;
5. Why you would like to take the course, including what subjects you would like to learn more about;
6. How you AND others would benefit from taking the specific course;
7. How the outdoor industry in Tanzania would benefit from you taking the course.

The applications for scholarships will be evaluated by the Sentinel team, and a response will be forthcoming. The answers can be relatively brief, but the more time and thought you put into your application, the better your chances will be. Please put SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION in the subject line of the email and send it directly to both Rob@SentinelOutdoor.com AND Peter@ SentinelOutdoor.com. All applications must be submitted before MARCH 10, 2015. PLEASE spread the word about this GREAT opportunity and share this email with as many people as you can.


  1. thank you for the support you are giving the indigineous by providing this sponsorship..
    this can increase our eagerness is professionalism aspect in Guiding experience..


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