2022 Tanzania Course Wrap-up

2022 Tanzania Course Wrap-up

This year’s courses were fantastic.  Instructors: Shikuku, John, Adam, and Caroline had an exceptional group of enthusiastic students.  A diverse and self-motivated group, led to a supportive mix of learning abilities and team support.  The instructors nurtured a developing, “no one left behind” mentality and watched students grow. 

Our WFR class was filled with a great group of students bringing with them diverse skillsets which complimented one another.  As always, instructors built a great medical foundation upon which the students could build.  As the days went on, it was evident that students were growing both individually and as a team.  By the end, we graduated an incredible group of individuals independently sound, but equally proficient as a team.  We couldn’t be more pleased to see these students apply their new education to real life. 

The WFR-recertification course had some of our great past students returning to continue expanding their medical knowledge and drive home the core fundamentals.  Days were filled with review, but most importantly in-depth discussing expanding on concepts learned from previous WFR courses.

This year also offered a new unique course: a BFA with an emphasis on childcare!  A wonderful group of women learned the basics of first aid but put an emphasis on the differences and slight challenges that come with caring for children.  The subtle and soft skills of interacting and caring for children will greatly benefit these women’s families and their communities.

A huge thanks to all of our amazing instructors, African Environments,  and everyone else who made this year’s courses a success!