Lakpa Sherpa Anderson is in Nepal right now, delivering another round of supplies and visiting her family for the first time since leaving Nepal.  She shared this with all of us:


I started my journey to my homeland country on June 20, 2015 with lots of question in my head. It has been 17th months being away from home and there been lots of changes especially after earthquake on April 25, 2015. The day of the earthquake was the most hard moment for me to be away from home.

I got to meet few Nepalese people in the Korean airport and as we introduced ourselves, the first question we asked to each other was “how is your family?” Luckily most everyone’s family I met were fine. Unfortunately one man who had just come from working in Japan was saying it had only been 4 months  of him working and trying to make some money when the earthquake took away his hopes because his 3 year old daughter was hurt. His wife said it did not look that bad at the moment, but now it’s really hard for kid to walk. His wife has been running back and forth to hospital and doctors for help, but she called him saying she needed him at home because that’s their first kid and she might not be able to walk in future. This story made all of us sad, but our prays are with him. I did give him my contact number so if he would need help we would love to do that with the donations we have raised.

As we were landing in Kathmandu, we looked down and could see what Mother Nature had done  and we all could hardly hold our tears. It was just hard to see.

I landed yesterday and it felt so good to be home. But on my drive to home, I saw my school was really badly destroyed and lots of houses were damaged badly. Yet, I know one thing for sure: Nepali people have learned to survive! I got to reunite with my family and friends and they were so happy to see me.

My husband was right about me going home because I can feel their happiness to see me with different and crazy stories from my time in the US (which I always have). More important than seeing the destruction firsthand and not online was being THERE with family and providing some positive relief in a very tough time.

From water filters, face masks, clothes, shoes, tents and sleeping bags acquired through our fundraising and donation efforts, I brought as much as possible to be distributed to people through READ Nepal (a nonprofit organization that builds libraries, but has been helping distribute aid during this disaster).

I would like to thank you, all the donors, this means a lot to me, my family and my country. Your help has brought lots of smiles to lots of faces.

Thank you once again.


Nepal keeps rumbling on a frequent basis keeping everyone there on edge.

Lakpa also shared some photos of what she is seeing everyday…


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