So many have been affected by this recent tragedy, and many more are wondering what can they do to help.  We at Sentinel have considered the same.  We plan to offer emergency medicine and rescue courses for Sherpa guides again this year, but we know there is a more immediate need.  After speaking with Sherpa family and friends, the consensus was we should connect with AC Sherpa, a member of the Non Resident Nepalese Association, former Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal, and leader of the 7 Summits Foundation.  AC is a native of the Solukhumbu Distrtict where most of these families reside, and he intimately understands their needs having grown up with many neighboring fathers lost to the mountains.

Formally The Himalayan Women & Children Foundation, the 7 Summits Foundation is a 501(3)c charitable organization dedicated to providing power, healthcare, and education to remote Himalayan villages.  They have created the Everest Tragedy Fund to provide for the families of the avalanche victims and education for their children.  You can read about AC and others raising money for the families in the Seattle Times.  To donate to the Everest Tragedy Fund follow the link on the 7 Summits Foundation website or head directly to the donation page.

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