Sentinel Outdoor Institute is in Tajikistan as part of a joint initiative working with the Pamir Alpine Club, American Alpine Club, University of Central Asia, Black Diamond Equipment Ltd., Aga Khan Foundation, Pamir Eco Cultural Tourism Association, and Mountain Societies Development Support Program to teach, train, and climb with Pamiri climbers and guides.

We are very excited about the team of teachers/climbers we have for this endeavor.

Bo White began the initiative in 2007 to train guides for safer outdoor ecotourism and mountain guiding. Bo helped start the Pamir Alpine Club, a group of motivated guides wanting to unite to increase outdoor adventure tourism (specifically climbing) in the Pamir mountains of Tajikistan. Bo has a master’s degree from Yale and experience in international development. He is currently completing a Law degree at the University of Michigan, but has been returning to Tajikistan on an annual basis. He has been the project leader and the key to us being here.

Jim Donini who has worked as a climbing guide, was the past President of the American Alpine Club (with a particular influence on international relations and development), was a US Special Forces Medic, and has 47 years of international climbing experience. Jim’s extensive history and legendary climbing resume will be a great help to our team and our students.

Corey LaForge is Black Diamond’s Quality Assurance Manager and is an avid and strong climber. Corey has been a Wilderness First Responder since 2002. His technical knowledge and experience in difficult alpine rock climbing makes him a huge asset to our team.

As Bo prepared for this year’s trip, he was looking for an organization that would be able to provide a medical component. He selected SOI based on our reputation for high quality instruction and international experience. As SOI continues to expand our programs around the world, we have set a standard that one of our directors attends the first visit to a program site, and our globetrotting director Peter Anderson is there to represent us on another stop in his Around the World in 142 Days adventure. Khorog, a 14 hour drive from Tajik capital Dushanbe will be the base for the training.

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