After posting how wonderful the Rainier Guide Training was, there seemed a need to counter with coverage of a spectacular in situ Kilimanjaro Training.

SOI accompanied rangers from Kilimanjaro National Park and guides from African Environments onto the western flank of Kilimanjaro. The group ventured onto the Shira plateau and into a downpour in fine rainy season style. Though there weren’t many breaks in the weather, the group spent three days working up the mountain to the Arrow Glacier and back (there was even a sneaky Kibo summit via the Western Breech) with practical scenarios throughout the trip. There were climber falls in the dark, searches and rescues of lost trekkers, overactive ulcers, simultaneous cerebral and pulmonary edema victims, and rock fall victims. These guys were busy! – while not on the move or recovering from the fast past and weather, they were honing their skills in realistic conditions, sometimes a little more realistic than they would have liked.

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