To those of you that know these tribes, it may sound crazy, and honestly, we weren’t really sure what to expect when putting tribesmen from historically enemy groups together in a class.  Fortunately, we had the beloved Hadzabe, or Bushmen, there to keep the peace.  Hadzabe, Datoga and Maasai in one group… pretty unusual, pretty fantastic… and it just so happened to be Chris’s first day in Africa – he definitely had no idea what he was getting into.

With the help of our generous donors and African Environments, we provided free transport, housing, food and training for Hadzabe, Datoga, and Maasai guides.  Why?  Because these groups are often exploited and on the fringe of East African society; and our goal as an organization is to provide training for those most in need, while having a little fun and adventure.  The Dorobo Fund sent some of their crew as well to participate.   Please be sure to check out Daudi Peterson’s recently published book on the Hadzabe: http://www.dorobofund.org/hadzabe-book/



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