Sentinel is founded upon the ideal that everyone deserves access to education and the benefits of nature. We are all deserving of equal opportunity and fair treatment. Our mission is driven by the former and our operations embody the latter.

To ensure this, we are implementing a positive learning/working environment policy. We work as a diverse community at the faculty and student level. We recognize not just the diversity of races, but are cognizant of the fact that we usually have students from different genders, ethnic groups, tribes, regions, and even nationalities. While harassment of any kind along any of those lines has never been tolerated by SOI, we will now be making that statement at the beginning of each class.

Having a safe environment supports better teaching, improved learning, and information retention. Providing a safe place in which to learn about caring for people and our planet is essential for aligning with the central tenet of our courses – Do no harm.

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