As the effects of Coronavirus/COVID-19 impact our homes around the world, we want to check in with everyone. We are monitoring the situation closely and anticipate the need to adapt.

As an educational company with such a heavy focus on health, it is important that we consider our role in the public health system. While providing training to help build capacity among first responders is a huge part of our mission, we do so with great responsibility. Facilitating social gatherings when social distancing is recommended, and sending instructors across geographies as potential vectors are two primary considerations.

Foremost in our minds is the well being of our students, partners and instructors, not just to disease, but also social outcomes such as overloading community resources and general social instability.

As we all know, communication during challenging times in difficult yet essential. As we continue to adapt and learn from the current situation, we will do our best to communicate our plan as it unfolds. Rest assured that no matter what happens, Sentinel is committed to continuing our course offerings in Africa as we all face this challenge together as a world.

As first responders and community members it is important to keep ourselves safe and remember our role in reducing the spread of disease. Please Do The Five!

Stay safe, 

The Sentinel Family