The group spent 4 rainy days in the Sidz valley where they established a BC at about 12,000 ft.
The weather limited the climbing opportunities, but 10 students learned the basics of backpacking and alpine LNT, plus they got plenty exposure to mountain conditions. Their attitudes were amazing, they learned a lot and had fun.

Despite the conditions, Corey and Peter managed a first ascent of a peak the group named Rakhsh, after a character from the Shahnameh, an epic account of the Persian Empire. Rakhsh is the horse of the hero Rustam, and it seemed fitting since the peak resembled a saddle and the tallest peak is named after Rustam. Many there are able to recite parts of the poem.

They simul-climbed most of it at about 5.8 (probably 10+ pitches and 1,000 ft of climbing to the summit just below 15,000 ft). On the descent Peter had a 100+ lb boulder slip and crush his leg leaving him with extensive bruising, a significant puncture wound, and an external rotation sprain(s). It is healing pretty well, but clearly a high risk wound for infection.

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