Risk management

SOI is in the middle of teaching the completely unique Risk Management and Crisis Response course. This is not just another first aid class… No, you don’t learn how to disarm an assailant or provide high angle rescue. Instead, it tackles the challenges and emergencies on an organisational level. Risk management skills are taught for better prevention and pre-planning, utilising an “all hazards” approach. This means companies and organisations develop plans that will help decrease and mitigate risks during any crisis from a medical emergency to an armed robbery. This preparation and planning eliminates the need for person specific interventions during emergencies and allows for any manager on duty to handle crisis through step-by-step guidance, rather than relying upon one person such as a company owner.

This year’s course is the second of its kind to be held in Arusha. Since last year’s class, one of our past students unfortunately had to put their skills to the test with a client fatality. The student and the organisation were very appreciative they had systems and a detailed plan in place before the most serious of emergencies happened. We are proud that Sentinel, in partnership with African Environments, can provide not only first aid training to individuals, but also the skills and planning needed to manage worst case scenarios on an organisational level too.

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