After we posted that the TZ 2013 WFR may have been our best class ever, Peter evidently felt that he needed to follow in kind about the latest course. Here is his repartee:

International Mountain Guides Headquarters, Ashford, WA – The Sentinel Outdoor Institute collaborated with each of the Mount Rainier National Park summit guiding concessionaires to teach an outstanding Wilderness First Responder Recertification and Cardiovascular Resuscitation (CPR) course. As the lead instructor, I had to clear the residual Everest hypoxia and exhaustion from my brain to focus on our curriculum and answer the tough questions posed by 30+ year veteran mountain guides. We ran numerous scenarios and practiced managing wounds common to the mountain environment. It was rewarding thanks to SOI’s commitment to working WITH and FOR guides, much like our African courses. I was proud to lead the course with 15 years of mountain guiding and 10+ years of RN/EMT experiences to address the in depth and specific questions of guides who work everywhere from the deserts of California to the ice fields of Antarctica and the great peaks of Asia.

SOI greatly values and distinguishes itself from competitors by staffing courses not only with highly medically trained professionals, but maybe more importantly, vastly experienced outdoor leaders. We had a great course with a diverse mix of guides to promote comradery that will no doubt follow us all up the mountains around the world. We look forward to continuing this program long into the future, and hope that more and more guides and National Park service rangers recognize the value of working together and learning with their coworkers and colleagues. Sentinel Outdoor would like to thank IMG for facilitating and hosting this course at their wonderful HQ.

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