Our Mission

Building capacity in the world’s most treasured locations to help local stakeholders leverage and manage increasing global ecotourism and the additional pressures it brings.

Meet the SOI Team

Meet the family! We expect a lot of our instructors – hard work, a love of learning, outdoor and medical expertise, and a passion for sharing and helping others – but what we don’t expect is for all of us to come from the same background. Our diversity is our strength. 

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We strive to bring world-class educational opportunities to exceptional natural areas to support those who live, work in and manage them.
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Student Testimonials

There were enough scenarios and I was very interested in the chance to practice my skills.

Continue to have more courses!

I really liked the case studies and am thankful for the willingness to share and answer questions.

I really enjoyed the lectures.

The instructors gave very good support to us and were very polite.