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Emmissions – We continually evaluate how to reduce overall travel and the impact of materials used to deliver our courses. We offset our required travel emissions with partner Carbon Tanzania; reducing deforestation and improving land tenure and productivity for Hadza and other forest dependent communities.

Respect – We incorporate respect for landscape, people, wildlife and plants, as well as self into our lessons.

Conservation – We deliver and practice Leave No Trace principles in our courses and our activities; teach students about challenges to the regional landscapes with The Nature Conservancy; and build capacity and help standards in the ecotourism and cultural tourism industries.

Skills – In addition to course topics, we challenge students in study, public speaking, writing, systems thinking, big picture analysis, critical thinking, decision making, preparedness, organization, and teamwork.

Staff Development – We provide our staff with industry leading wages, continuing education, and ever-increasing opportunity for leadership.

Student Development – We provide marketable skills, certifications and increased confidence for students to improve livelihoods.

Health – We are increasing a network of basic life support providers and first responders across our student regions.

Carbon Tanzania Elite
Leave No Trace - 5 Year Partner