CATCH UP… coming soon

Having survived a month and a half of teaching in TZ, a two and a half day summit of Kili, a drive across a less trodden side of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and back, stalking buffalo in the bush, and 6 treacherous hours in Amsterdam, team Sentinel have all returned home… with one glaring exception – Mr. Anderson. Peter is still on Everest, somewhere above the Balcony making another effort towards the summit. Despite the marvels of modern technology, like apps that turn your phone into a walkie talkie, we still seem to miss his calls. So we won’t bore you with stories from the top of the world. Instead, we plan to bore you with stories of “The Dark Continent,” which if you have been there you know the title is a bold lie, the sun is strong there my friends: the arms of Gibisch tell no lies.

Below is a teaser of us stalking African buffalo, a ponderous young baboon, and bull elephants impressing the ladies. The last post ended like this, but the time before the next post will surely be reduced – focus on the teaser. Images and posts about the last few weeks in TZ will follow, ideally sequentially, so stay tuned.

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