Montana WFR - Assessment

2013 OFF WITH A BANG!  The year began with an awesome WFR in Montana and isn’t likely to slow down any time soon.  We’ve got a solid line-up of courses in East Africa this year starting the beginning of April.   With a WFR Recert for previous All-stars, a benefit course to support a mobile medical clinic and a mobile veterinary service for the 800 residents of Mkuru and their livestock (see our last post… which requires travel to last year), the introduction of Leave No Trace, trainings in the bush of Tarangire National Park, mountain training on Kilimanjaro, and, of course, the WFR as highlights.  For more information, check out the course information on our website course list http://sentineloutdoorinstitute.com/courses/, and stay tuned, as 2013 brings fresh enthusiasm for blogging and Facebook.

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