Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

WFA with CPR – 24 hrs
60% classroom : 40% practical

What: An overview of wilderness medicine and extended guidance in technique development.
Who: Ideal for camp staff, drivers, and assistant guides.  *Not appropriate for lead guides.


Key Course Components:
• Scene assessment
• Patient assessment
• Identifying life threatening injuries
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
• Caring for injuries and illnesses including:

stopping bleeding
cleaning and caring for wounds
managing and splinting fractured bones and joints
snake bites

• Safely moving patients
• Injury and illness prevention
• Long-term injury management
• Improvised litter construction
• Environmental emergencies


Internationally recognized WFA and CPR certification from SOI

The Wilderness First Aid course provides an introduction to emergency medicine and more.  This course will instruct the student how to care for a patient for longer periods and even how to build litters to move them more safely over longer distances.  Even more, the student will learn how to recognise hazards and risks, and use that foresight to prevent injuries and illnesses.   The topic of environmental emergencies will also be covered.

‡Fully-catered tented accommodations are available.