Risk Management and Crisis Response (RMCR)

RMCR no CPR – 24 hours 

What: Overview of necessary medical skills and knowledge to administer first aid where there is no immediate access to help.
Who: Managers

Course Content:
• Developing better accident and illness prevention strategies
• Providing evacuation guidelines and criteria for staff in the field
• Setup and activation of evacuation plans
• Coordinating and managing time and resources effectively during a crisis
• Developing the confidence and experience required in today’s litigious world to be able to make the right call at the right time
• Developing strategies to train and manage staff in emergency preparedness
• Developing improved skills to deal with crisis, challenging client situations, and fatalities
• Determining the needs of individualized, program specific, first aid kits
• Understanding basic assessment and care strategies for a wide array of injuries and illnesses from immediate needs trough extended or postponed evacuations
• Basic understanding of improvised splints, stretchers, and other available technologies to aid emergency response