Basic First Aid (BFA)

IWM with CPR – 16 hrs
50% classroom : 50% scenarios

What: An overview of wilderness medicine.
Who: For those looking for the fundamentals of wilderness medicine.

Key Course Components:
• Scene assessment
• Patient assessment
• Identifying life threatening injuries
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
• Caring for injuries and illnesses including:

stopping bleeding
cleaning and caring for wounds
managing and splinting fractured bones and joints
snake bites

• Safely moving patients

Introduction to Wilderness Medicine and CPR certification from Sentinel Outdoor Institute

The Introduction to Wilderness Medicine is an excellent introduction to handling a medical emergency.  This course is more than just CPR training, it offers an opportunity to learn how to provide medical care and, just as importantly, how to do so safely.  This is an excellent chance to learn the basic skills that allow the student to be an asset when someone needs medical help.